7 Motorcycle routes through Spain that you definitely cannot miss

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If you love motorcycle routes, Spain offers you kilometers and kilometers of secondary roads that are paradise for any self-respecting biker. They are both coastal and mountain routes that have one characteristic in common: they are full of turns so you can have the most fun with your motorcycle. From north to south of the peninsula, these motorcycle routes through Spain are waiting for you. Are you ready?

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The most spectacular motorcycle routes through Spain

At this moment we have not paid attention to whether it is a question of routes to do in one day or in all of a vacation. The main objective is to let you know which are the most impressive motorcycle routes in Spain wherewith you can start organizing them just today.

1. Motorcycle route along Costa da Morte

If you are a fan of lighthouses, beaches, cliffs and inlets, this route is made for you. We suggest you start in Arteixo, very close to A Coruña, and visit fishing villages such as Malpica, Muxía and Camariñas. You can also get to Finisterre and mingle with the pilgrims; you cannot leave there without visiting its lighthouse.

The route through this Galician enclave covers more than 200 kilometers that you can do in a couple of days; Therefore if you like to explore, we recommend doing it calmly and not forgetting to visit each beach or corner that catches your attention.

2. The Camino de Santiago by motorcycle

This pilgrimage route, one of the most famous in the world, can also be done in mode. It is a unique opportunity to get a feel for the pilgrimage culture, the landscapes and the gastronomy of the north of the peninsula. On the back of your motorcycle, you can travel the so-called French way in about 8 or 9 days.

3. The Trans-Pyrenees Route

It is a well-known motorcycle route that runs through the Pyrenees and it consists of an extension of 500 km, from Cap de Creus, in Girona, to the Cantabrian mountain range. In this way, it runs through the autonomous communities of Catalonia, Aragon and Navarra, while to the north, it borders the French regions of Occitania and Nueva Aquitaine. It takes typically 2-4 days, although some riders need slightly more time.

4. Around the Cadi Moixero Park

On this occasion, the motorcycle route crosses the provinces of Barcelona and Lleida with a distance between both points of 70 km one way and another 70 km back. The time you must invest will be about 4 hours without stops to go and return. You can start by skirting the southern part of the natural park, which has 727 hectares with many protected species.

5. The towns within Alicante by motorcycle

Perhaps a lot has been said about the coastal towns of the Alicante coast, but not so much about how picturesque and authentic its inland is. The Natural Parks of Carrascal de la Fuente Roja and Sierra de Mariola cherish incredible routes and landscapes that you must travel hand in hand with the culinary specialties of their populations.

If the routes that run through the parks are complex and winding, the road that connects Alcoy and Jijona is not far behind. There are many secondary roads through the interior of the province that hide wonders such as Guadalest and its reservoir. Don’t stop exploring them.

6. On route through the Alpujarra

La Alpujarra is perhaps one of the most beautiful and bohemian areas of Andalusia. Touring the eastern towns on a motorcycle, from The Puerto of La Ragua —at 2000 meters above sea level— to the Lecrín valley will take your breath away. Take the A-4130 and let yourself fall in love with the magic of towns like Mairena, Válor, Yegen up to Trevelez. In this high-altitude municipality – at more than 1400 meters – you can taste its famous ham.

7. Route through Cabo de Gata & the Almeria Desert

Do you dare to travel through a desert? In Almería you will find the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, a paradise between the sea and the desert that will leave you with impressive landscapes to discover. From the capital, Almería, to Mojácar, we suggest you take secondary roads to go through the Pozo de los Frailes, the Isleta del Moro, Agua Amarga, Carboneras and so on. Do not forget to enter the desert of Tabernas, it will surely remind you of an American Western.

What do you think about these motorcycle routes in Spain? Go ahead and start with any of them and alternate them with the routes through the Pyrenees or other motorcycle routes from Barcelona. Tell us about your favorite routes and, remember, if you are going to ride, always do it carefully. And remember that in the Cerdanya EcoResort . You can always stay to rest and take time to relax in between a natural paradise. Enjoy the route!

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