Best routes in Andorra and its mountains

Andorra has about 60 mountains with peaks that are higher than 2500 meters and three natural parks: Vall del Madriu (UNESCO World Heritage), Sorteny and Comapedrosa, in this last one you will find the mountain with the same name and the tallest of them all. A unique landscape filled with lakes, “ibones” and spectacular panoramic views.  

An authentic paradise for those who enjoy trekking, walking trails and other mountain activities. The best part is that there are options for everyone and at any level. Find out the best routes in Andorra and its mountains.

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Path to Madriu

This mountain trail is 23 km long and has one of the best panoramic views of the area. You can walk around the valley of the Madriu river and allow yourself to get to know two of the most important activities that are performed there: agriculture and livestock. The difficulty of the route is medium to high. 

The trail starts at La Plana road and ends at Estany de l’Illa. The majority of trekking lovers have this route as their favorite given that it goes through old stone paved roads that lead to Bordas de Entremesaigues.  One of the most picturesque places surrounded by meandering mountains, refuges, lake la Bova and numerous animals. 

Comapedrosa’s Peak

The most daring of them all cannot miss the trek to the top of the Comapedrosa mountain, at 2.942 meters, the highest in Andorra. It is not a technically complicated route, but unless you are used to walking through mountain terrain, it is not a route that is recommended.  

The duration of the journey is 8 hours, it starts at Prats Sobirans within the La Massana parish, it follows alongside the Pedrosa river until you reach the last part of the route, where you walk around an older glacier until you reach Lake Negre. Upon arriving at the top of Comapedrosa, you will have the best views of Andorra.


Circular route along the Tristaina lakes

The trail along the Tristaina lakes is one of the most popular and unforgettable routes within Andorra. It consists of a circular route that follows along the path of the lakes of Tristaina, which are three lakes located up above in the mountains in a unique environment. 

The Estany Primer is the smallest of them all, it is round and has blue waters. The Estany del Mig is surrounded by rocky ground, it is round but longer than the first one. The Estany de Més Amunt is the biggest one, it has an oval shape and its waters are very dark.  

This route is family friendly and can be done at all levels, its difficulty is moderate. It usually takes about 3 hours to complete it, with all its 4,4 km. The starting point of the trail is the parking lot at La Coma, located within the Ordino Arcalís sky station. 

Circular route around the Canillo Parish

This circular trail of almost 30 km is one of the most challenging of the area. However, it traverses some of the most beautiful landscapes. Due to its long distance, this trail is recommended to people experienced with long distance walking along mountain paths with inclines. 

Throughout the trail, the views of the peaks in Casamanya, Estanyó, Alt Juglà and Escobes and the landscapes of glacier valleys of Montaup, La Coma de Ransol and Incles are remarkable. The path allows you to get deep within the mountains where you will find a great variety of plants like red pine, broom and alpine roses among others. If you are lucky enough, you will also be able to see bearded vultures and Pyrenees chamois. 

Now you know the best routes that Andorra and its mountains hide and its most popular trails to get to know this environment. Do you know which one to start with? 

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