Biker restaurants in Catalonia that you need to visit

Spectacular landscapes and the freedom to ride on your two wheels alongside charming towns and villages; these two are some of the best experiences when doing a route on your bike but, what about the pit stops to eat?

biker restaurants in catalonia

We have to admit that there is nothing better than eating something delicious. What is even better is to do so somewhere that shares the same passion for motorbikes as you do. Resting there after riding all day will be all the better. 

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Find out the best biker restaurants in Catalonia that you cannot miss when you are out riding your motorbike. From bars and cafés with special biker decor to restaurants located in a unique and wonderful environment. Take notes and mark them on your map.

KM Cerdanya restaurant

Located right next to the main road, N260 transpirenaica, the restaurante KM Cerdanya  is one of the must stops of the area. It is a meeting point of a lot of bikers that are enjoying riding on their two wheels one of the most popular routes in Spain. It is perfect if you want to exchange tips and tricks about the route or spend a nice little while with people who share your passion.

The menu has several options which include: tapas, salads, pizzas and even roasted meats. It does include vegetarian options as well. If you are on the first leg of the route you will be able to have for breakfast one of their popular sandwiches so you have strength for the rest of the day.

Arç restaurant

Located in the heart of the Cerdanya, the restaurante Arç is one of the most popular options for bikers that are riding alongside the Pyrenees’ roads. Traditional cooking recipes done with ecologic products like amazing rices, well cooked meat and homely sweets as a great end. 

If you want to ride around the pre-Pyrenees, the Garrotxa, the Mediterranean sea or the plains in Lleida, this is the perfect starting point to do so. It is also a great finishing point so you can charge your batteries. 

It has the MoToturisme, Biker Batten and Tourenfaher stamp, which means that it is a completely motorbike-friendly place. It stands out for its parking spaces designated for motorcycles and for the specially allocated place where you can leave your helmet and jackets. It does also offer a map of different routes from the Cerdanya Ecoresort with GPS and information about gas stations that are placed alongside them. This is a place where you will feel at home.

Route bar 

The Route Bar is located in Castelldefels. It is a musical bar-restaurant with biker ambiance.  During the day it offers menus and during the evening it has live music and  leisure nightlife activities. 

It’s a big building with several floors and terraces. It offers a designated space specially for motorcycles, a pub area where you can have drinks and play pool and foosball. It is the perfect place to end any route that you do within the area. What is even better is the fact that it is filled with people that share the same passion for the biker world.

Can Cuera

This restaurant is one of the most popular among the biker world and even more so for those who are doing a route along the Montseny. It’s location is excellent as it is right next to the main road of the area. Finding a place like this once the route is finished is a pleasure. 

Their rice with broth plate and their desserts are what is most recommended and the price-quality ratio is very fantastic. It offers parking place for the motorbike right in front of it so there is no need to deviate from the road to find it. That makes it a very popular stop among many bikers.

 Anna de Ventola restaurant

You will find it located within the Ripollès county, in one of the most charming towns there called Ribes de Freser. It is one of the most popular places to stop within the biker world of the area given its environment.  

It is known for its place of cold meats which goes by weight and for its warm traditional recipes. Perfect to recover after a hard day riding on your two wheels, especially in winter. Its  traditional cooking will warm you up from within.  

Take note of these biker restaurants in Catalonia. They are the perfect excuse to organize a route among the roads that are close to these bars and restaurants to get to know the surroundings and end up eating in an authentic biker place. 

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