Motorcycle tour around the most beautiful villages of the Cerdanya

Are you looking for a new route to throw yourself out there with your motorbike? The Cerdanya is one of the most beautiful places within the mountains of Catalonia. Buried within a unique environment, it is perfect to enjoy and visit both in winter and in summer. 

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Among the many amazing landscapes and nature’s most pure state, the villages may go unnoticed. However, you have to bear in mind, all these small towns are charming and will leave you with an amazing impression. The best way to discover the most beautiful villages of the Cerdanya is by touring them on a motorcycle. Let’s start the engines! 

Circular motorcycle route around the towns in Cerdanya

The motorcycle route to discover the most charming villages in Cerdanya is circular. Its starting point is the town of Prullans and its 100 kms long. Find out the mandatory stops of the route and enjoy visiting each and every one of these mountain villages.

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You will start in Prullans, located in between La Seu d’Urgell and Puigcerdà and very close to the sky slopes of La Molina and Masella. The perfect starting point for the day.

Did you know that Prullans is among the most charming villages from within the council in Lleida? The reason for that is the most amazing panoramic views of the Cadí mountain range that you can see from there. It is also part of the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, which gives it part of its natural wealth like the Llosa river. 

Other than its location and amazing views, the town itself is beautiful. You cannot miss the Romanesque church which dates back to the XI century and its most charming houses within its narrow streets. 

Bellver de Cerdanya

You can drive to the closest neighboring village, Bellver de Cerdanya. One of the biggest towns in the area of Lleida. It stands out because of its medieval ambiance.

Park your motorbike and walk alongside its cobbled streets where you will find stone and wooden houses. Its wealth of historical heritage includes its churches, the biggest square and the ruins of the castle. The sum of all of these things brings a unique  character to the town. 


A few kilometers further away from Bellver, we’ll find Pi, one of the most beautiful and quiet towns in Cerdanya. It stands out for its rural characteristics, a small refuge away from noise but with amazing views. You’ll enjoy walking around its dainty streets. 


The perfect combination between nature and historic heritage. Alp is perfect if you want to enjoy taking a walk and discovering all of its beauty, the local church is a must. Furthermore, it is located within the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park so it not only offers spectacular panoramic views but also plenty of nature related activities. 


Following the same road you will reach the capital of Cerdanya, Puigcerdà. A town that is full of life amidst nature. It offers plenty of different things to do. The main street is basically filled with shops and establishments, and on each Sunday, there is a very popular farmers market.

Take a walk alongside the Schierbeck park and the lake. Both with spectacular views thanks to the reflection in the water of the houses surrounding them. If you enjoy reading and are a fan of Carlos Ruiz Zafón, the author, you can walk the same streets that are mentioned in his book “El Juego del Ángel”. 


This little town has preserved perfectly the culture of the area. It is the perfect combination of nature and tradition. When talking about nature, you can visit the natural reserve of Tossa Plana de Lles-Puigpedrós, an amazing spot with spectacular views. To get to know the cultural heritage of the place, you can park your motorcycle, walk among the streets and visit the Esclop Museum or the Sant Sadurní church.

Lles de Cerdanya

Lles de Cerdanya is one of the most popular towns within the area, specially for those who are lovers of winter sports given that it is where a very important nordic ski competition takes place. However, if you want to discover part of its charm you need to make a pit stop in Roca Viva, an open museum where the artist Climent de Olm sculpts faces in the stones that surround it. 


This town is one of the entrances to the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, which makes it one of the most visited. Its amazing architecture surprises tourists given that it is located within a spectacular surrounding filled with mountains. After visiting Martinet, it is time to ride back to Prullans so you can rest and recharge your batteries at the hotel and enjoy dinner, which has been more than deserved.

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