Charming mountain hotels: 5 things that will make you fall in love

Charming mountain hotels: You will fall in love with these five reasons

Do you plan to make a getaway? In this article, we show you the five best things you can do in a charming mountain hotel. Undoubtedly, traveling and discovering new places allow us to take a break from our daily routine and problems, therefore, we from the Cerdanya EcoResort encourage you to enjoy this unique and unforgettable experience in a natural environment, such as the Pyrenees.


Five main reasons to book a charming mountain hotel

If traveling has great benefits, these are multiplied if you can rest in charming mountain hotels. Do you still don’t know whether to book your getaway? Discover these reasons and enjoy a few days of relax!

1. Take a break from your daily problems and routine

Life in cities can be too stressful: work, problems, or simply the pace of life that we usually lead today. For this reason, to take a break at a charming mountain hotel is an excellent idea to take a well-deserved break from stress and the daily routine.

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2. Let’s connect with mother nature 

When you feel that problems are overwhelming you, connecting with nature will allow you to recover your emotional balance, since you will be away from the noise of the city and you will be able to breathe fresh air, far from pollution. In addition, there are multiple activities that can help us connect with nature as hug the trees, as it offers great health benefits, not only emotionally, but also physically.

3. Nature is the ideal environment to practice some sport

Another fantastic idea to regain emotional balance is to practice sports in nature. Best of all, there are so many options that can be perfectly adapted to your tastes and needs. For example, in the Cerdanya Eco ResortWe have sports facilities in our gym, but we also have a climbing wall, paddle tennis court and directed activities, such as climbing, rafting, horse riding, canoeing, hiking… And much more!

4. Let yourself be taken care of by professionals

At the Cerdanya Ecoresort know that sometimes nerves and stress end up being reflected in our body, for example, in the form of body aches or contractures. For this reason, we want you to awaken your senses through massages and rituals in the hands of our professionals, always using natural and ecological products.

5. Unbeatable gastronomic choice

Another reason to enjoy charming mountain hotels is to be able to taste an exquisite gastronomic choice such as that offered by Cerdanya Ecoresort, since its cuisine is made with organic products. The great bet of our accommodation is a healthy, sustainable and, at the same time, delicious diet. For this reason, we always use organic products from our permaculture garden, local and seasonal products.

What do you think about the reasons given to enjoy a getaway in a charming mountain hotel? Don’t hesitate any longer! Disconnecting and enjoying nature is an unbeatable experience as it allows us to connect with ourselves and leave behind the burden and stress. The truth is that taking a trip regularly has great benefits, both physically and mentally.

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