Discover now the Ordesa National Park with these three routes

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Are you planning to visit the Ordesa National Park, but you don’t know yet anything about it? In this post, we will discover the bowels of this park declared World Heritage by UNESCO and we will show you three routes so you can discover Ordesa in depth. If you are a lover of nature and the mountains, we are sure that you will be passionate about this trip.

Ordesa National Park

The Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park is made up of a set of four valleys: Ordesa, Añisclo, Escuaín and Pineta that are located around Monte Perdido, known for being the highest calcareous massif in Europe. Impressive right? Well, there is so much more, this beautiful natural setting was the first protected area in Europe. And that is no surprise!

When you enter its wonderful landscapes, that image remains forever etched on the retina. Every year, this park receives thousands of visitors who admire its great beauty, as there are many excursions that Ordesa offers, both for adults and for the smallest of the house.

El Tozal del Mallo, the Strait Waterfall, Cola del Caballo, the Añisclo Canyon, or the Escuaín Gorges are some of the worth seeing stops in this World Heritage, because you cannot pass through the Park without seeing and enjoying a unique landscape. For this reason, we propose 3 routes to get to know the Ordesa National Park in depth.  

 Ordesa National Park

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Three routes to enjoy the Ordesa National Park

We propose these incredible routes so that you can know and enjoy the Ordesa National Park and contemplate its incredible beauty. Take note of all of them!

1. Cola de Caballo

Without a doubt, Cola de Caballo is by far the best known and the one that brings the most tourists to Ordesa National Park each year. Its medium-low complexity makes it an affordable option for almost all audiences. And its attractions make everyone who visits it fall in love, as they will be able to see rivers, waterfalls, a glacial circus, beech forest, … And much more! Of course, you must bear in mind that it is a 6-hour route.

2. Pozas de Ascaso

To make this beautiful and refreshing excursion, just leave your car at the entrance of this small town and walk along the path that goes to Morillo de Sampietro. It is a route in which the crystalline waters that flow forming pools invite you to take a bath, especially if it is in the summer months. Although, as you can imagine, the water is quite cold.

3. Route of San Úrbez

This is the ideal route if you are going to visit the Ordesa National Park with children, as it is very simple and, even so, you can enjoy spectacular views. On the way you will be able to see the hermitage of San Úrbez, the Aso waterfall, the ruins of a mill, and even some fauna. It will be sure quite an adventure!

 Ordesa National Park

After these three fantastic routes, surely you have wanted to come to visit the Ordesa National Park, we assure you that the visit will not disappoint you.

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