Enduro holidays in Spain

If the asphalt falls short for you and you are looking for an outlet to enjoy the outdoors on

your motorcycle in a unique natural environment, enduro is your thing. So, if you are thinking

of organizing a vacation enjoying your passion, the good news is that you don't have to go to

exotic countries to find the perfect route to practice it.


The Iberian Peninsula is full of ideal places to make it suitable for all types of levels. We tell

you about the best enduro holiday destinations in Spain so that you can enjoy circuits

that wind their way through mountains, streams and rugged trails.

Enduro Routes in Spain

Spain owns a great geography, perfect for testing the skills of enduro addicted riders with

countless obstacles, slopes and rocks. And the best thing is that it can be done in any

season of the year. Take note of the best.

Pre-Pyrenean Enduro Route

One of the most amazing alternatives to enjoy on two wheels is the pre-Pyrenean Enduro

Route through the Catalan Cerdanya. A path between France and Catalonia, discovering

not only the most beautiful towns in the area, but also an overwhelming landscape thanks to

the environment where it takes place.

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Get ready to cross difficult trails, muddy fields and even quite steep rocks. Lonely and

impressive places that will make you enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Paracuellos-Casa de Uceda- San Sebastián de los Reyes

This route is ideal for beginners or to take a simple route with long distances thanks to its

track without too many difficulties. The Paracuellos-Casa de Uceda-San Sebastián enduro

race is about 129 km long and runs through several towns located between Madrid and


Specifically, it begins in the town of Paracuellos and runs through different towns near the

river to Casa de Uceda. Along the way it is necessary to cross a forest of enzymes and

places with a multitude of ponds around them. It ends in San Sebastián de los Reyes where

you can recover your strength trying its gastronomy.

Chiclana – Naveros Enduro Route

This route through Andalusia is amazing for its fascinating landscapes. In fact, it is short,

being possible to do it in one morning, but the desire to stop and enjoy the surroundings

makes it much longer.

It is a route full of tube paths, sand, stone areas, stream crossings, slow and fast lanes, with

ups and downs and a road in poor condition. Fun is assured.

Now you know the best destinations for an enduro holiday in Spain. Remember that it is a

demanding activity but rewarding. An essential part of enjoying your vacation is resting so

you can hit the road strong.

If you choose a getaway to Catalonia you can stay at the Cerdanya Eco Resort nestled in

the middle of nature, perfect for doing the Pre-Pyrenean Route due to its location and with

the MoToturisme seal thanks to its facilities adapted to motorcyclists. Leave the boring

roads, live the adventure on two wheels. Are you ready for it?

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