Family hiking trips to enjoy around the Pyrenees

Exploring the Pyrenees with your family is a unique experience. The landscapes that are hidden within this area are truly paradise for those who love hiking and outdoor adventures. The best part is that it not only has options for those who are experts but also for families. Check out the best family hiking trips around the Pyrenees area that you can enjoy with the little ones.  

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Prat de Cadí

Nestled within the Cerdanya valley and surrounded by an amazing and natural environment filled with forests and mountains and frequently visited by cattle. The kids will absolutely love it. The route starts at the Coll de Pallers parking; there you will find the information sign with all the indications of the route. The course of the route takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes, the walking distance reaches almost 8 kilometers. It is an easy route that can be done with kids.  

At the beginning, you will find that the path is quite wide and gravel-filled as it crosses the forest. You will reach one point where the path clears and it has amazing views of the Cadí mountain range. After that, you need to take the diversion you will find on your right until you reach a geodesic point called Coll Roig. When reaching the end you will find that the path and the surroundings change and you will step out of the forest and find an amazing green field with outstanding views.

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Route around the Pera lakes

If you want to enjoy a family day surrounded by outstanding nature, the route around the Pera lakes is one of the most popular ones. For many years and given that they are hidden between mountains that border Cerdanya with Andorra, these lakes were a very used route for smugglers that came and went from Andorra. The route is easy and circular. It takes about two hours to go around and it ‘s about 5 kms. The starting point is at the Font de Pollineres. You can reach it by bus during the summer months. It crosses through green alpine fields and black pine trees until you reach the refuge of the Pera lakes.

Once you have walked up the path you’ll find the lakes. They are one of the most known places among hikers thanks to their amazing views and surroundings. They are nestled within a mountain range that originally was a glacier where the peaks of Monturull and Perafita are the ones that stand out.

Circular route around Aïguestortes

The circular route around the Guarrinza Valley, nestles within the Natural Park of the Valles Occidentales, is one of the most fun and easy ones to do with your family. The path is really easy and it crosses one of the most beautiful places from the Aragonese Pyrenees. You can even see traces from our prehistoric ancestors.

The beginning of the path is easy and flows by the forest trail with a very slight ascent. On the left you will be able to see the Aragón Subordan river waterfalls. In less than an hour, you will reach the highest point of the tour where you will find the Aïguestortes cabin. A bit further down you will see the amazing fields that are hidden there and the dolmen.

Another great thing of this route is that there are several activities to do for the whole family. The Selva de Oza megalithic site and the outdoors Hecho’s Museum of Contemporary Art are right there. 

Now you know the best family hiking trips to enjoy around the Pyrenees and the itineraries for the most known and easiest routes to discover the amazing surroundings of the area. Do you know which one you will start with?

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