The 4th best hiking routes in Andorra

When we think of Andorra, we usually have in mind spa centres, ski stations and big shopping malls. The truth is that, in spite of its small size, Andorra is the home of three protected areas (due to their natural wealth) that have amazing hiking routes to enjoy.


For those who are hiking lovers and love the sport, Andorra is an authentic paradise that cannot be left out without visiting. There are paths that will allow you to discover everything it has to offer, from amazing landscapes to hidden waterfalls within its mountains. Let’s find out the best hiking routes in Andorra and enjoy its less known side.

Hike to the Juclar lakes

The Vall d’Incles is known for being the starting point of a lot of hiking routes. It is also celebrated as it is one of the best conserved valleys of Andorra; it’ll allow you to see the amazing essence of the country.

One of the most spectacular routes to hike within the area is to climb to the Juclar Lakes. It takes about 3 hours and a half and you’ll walk around 10 kilometres. The path starts at the car park that is right next to the Ovella Negra restaurant, where you’ll be walking alongside the river until you’ll find a bridge that crosses it.

Once here, the path starts to get steeper which will make it a bit more taxing. Some of the areas have an incline of 500 metres. The first lake you will see is the Primer, which will have the shelter right next to it. A bit further up, you’ll find the Segon lake, smaller than the first one. 

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Montmalús Peak and the Corrie of Colells

This route sets course to the Montmalús peak which is considered one of the most demanding peaks. It is also considered one of the most popular ones among hikers given that the landscape changes and shows the pass of time. 

The path allows you to walk around the corrie of Colells with its starting point at Grau Roig. Its amazing vertical stone walls and the amount of lakes it has will take you by surprise. Furthermore, be on the look out for vultures, more often than not you can see them soaring the sky. 

Path to Madriu

The path to Madriu is the perfect way to discover the beautiful valley of the Madriu river, its breathtaking landscapes will surprise you. The starting point is the Plana road til the Illa lake which you will find is surrounded by dizzying mountains. It has 23 km in length and it’s of medium difficulty. It is worth it though.

The route allows you to get to know two of the most important activities of the valley: the agriculture and cattle farming and livestock. The route stands out as it offers the possibility of walking ancient paths, stone walls and it shows how places from the past are completely integrated within nature.

Ferro’s Route 

Ferro’s route, also known as Iron’s route, is an amazing option for families with kids and for those who want an easy and quick walk. It stands out for its surroundings which make it a place of cultural and natural interest as it offers a different way to explore nature. The path is completely flat and it starts at the Mina de Llorts towards La Cortinada, a place that was of great importance economically among the towns in the area.

You’ll be walking the famous Trajinantes walk, which is 4 kilometers. It was used in the past to carry iron. To commemorate that time, you’ll be able to visit an outdoor exhibition where “iron men” are placed alongside this old commercial route. The landscapes that surround it are spectacular and the easiness of the path will allow you to enjoy them in every step of the way.  

These are the best hiking routes in Andorra, a vast variety to choose from depending on your preferences; from easier ones for families and kids to some that are a bit more difficult. Which one would you like to start with?

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