4 tips to plan a long journey on your bike

Long journeys on two wheels are a unique experience. If you love riding your two wheels on long trips surely you have thought of planning a long journey on it during your holidays so you can enjoy it without distractions. Where do you start though? 

long motorcycle trip

Write down these tips to help you plan a long journey on your bike so you can avoid any surprises that may arise when riding so many kilometers. We’ll explain everything you need to check before diving into the road.

Choose the right bike for the route you want to do

Choosing the right bike for the road you want to take is crucial given that not all of them are suitable for motorbikes. That is why, before starting your journey you need to think if your bike is adequate for the route you are planning on riding. 

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Take into account the amount of kilometers you are going to ride, the state and stability of the road, if you will be riding alone or with a partner and the luggage you will be taking with you. 

On the one hand the touring ones are perfect if you want to ride with your partner on long journeys thanks to their stability. On the other hand, the custom ones are also suitable for longer trips of many kilometers although it is worth noting that they are of less power.

The trail bikes are ideal for both journeys on roads and on dirt roads although they are less stable than the previous ones. They are the best choice if you want to get into places with spectacular landscapes.

Stop when needed

To drive for long periods of time can become tiresome and that can cause loss of concentration which is simply not safe. That is why, before diving into the road, it is crucial that you establish the stops you will need in every leg of the journey. 

That is not all; if you feel tired when riding before reaching the end of the leg of that day, make sure you stop to take a coffee, take a look from one of the amazing viewpoints of the area or take a stroll through one of the villages close by. 

Plan where you will be sleeping

Planning all the stops of each stretch is as important as sleeping enough hours every single day you will be riding. Being rested after a long day of riding is of great importance, especially if you have to ride the following day. 

Plan out how many kilometers you will be doing in each leg of the journey and the place you will be sleeping at night so you have enough time to book the accommodation. There is nothing more frustrating than reaching the end point of the leg of that day and not finding a good place to rest, especially if you are doing a very popular journey or you’re doing it in peak season. 

Accessories for your motorcycle 

There are some additions you can have with your bike that might be of great help when riding for long periods of time. One of the most important pieces to bring is the luggage rack, you can either have a trunk or saddlebags, but do not forget to tie them properly. You can also add a small first aid kit. 

It is also very important, especially if you expect to be riding long hours and a lot of kilometers to bring good support for your GPS. This will help you have Google Maps close in case you need it if you get lost. It is recommended to have the installation go from the battery to the handlebars with the correct connectors so you can avoid ending up with a dead battery.

Now you know the best tips to plan a long journey on your motorcycle so you can enjoy the experience to the maximum. Get everything ready to dive in the road, there are many kilometers to ride!

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