Bike adventures: off-road routes- everything you need to know

The freedom you feel when traveling along the road on two wheels is indescribable, but how about the adrenaline you feel when you find a good off road route? Good news is that in Spain there are a lot of off-road routes with different levels of difficulty for people of all levels of experience.

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In fact, more and more bikers are starting to enjoy the off road world. However, it is imperative, if you are looking for new adventures for your bike, to know the best tips to get started within this world. We’re warning you that once you try it you will not want to leave it. The combination is unbeatable.

Tips for off-road routes adventures

Driving outside of the road and in rocky terrain or within amazing mountain landscapes is an experience that is difficult to get over. It is considered one of the best bike adventures there is. Pure adrenaline. 

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Bear in mind, there are a lot of differences when driving along the road and driving off-road. These tips will help you do it completely safely.

Always in company

Riding unpaved roads can be difficult, specially if you are just starting now. The best advice is to have a fellow rider go along with you, so you feel safer and so they can help if you fall down or if the road becomes too difficult. 

Furthermore, everything is more enjoyable if it is done in company. You will be able to transmit the driving sensations to your fellow rider.

Off-road route equipment

For this type of bike adventure, it is essential to have the best equipment possible. You must take all kinds of protection: jacket, gloves and trousers. Even overalls, that usually have special support for your mid back and for your shoulders, are a good choice for extra protection.

One of the most important pieces of equipment are a good pair of technical rail high top boots. These kinds of models cover the ankle, the shinbone and fibula. Moreover, they offer higher stiffness which will prevent stones and gravel from getting in and hurting you. It is normal that at the beginning, due to their stiffness, they feel uncomfortable, but you will end up getting used to them.

Another must are kneepads and elbow pads, most rail jackets and pants already have them sewn in. Lastly, an adventure helmet and glasses so you can protect your eyes from both gravel and branches.  

Your bike must be protected as well

Most trek bikes come protected and prepared, but in off-road routes falls are common and the weight of the bike can create further complications. It is recommended the use of a plastic kit like a cover for the crankcase, handle covers and protection bars. 

The engine and the exhaust manifolds are the most exposed and the parts that are closest to the floor. They receive the impact of the rocks that are  .La parte más expuesta y cercana al suelo es el motor y colectores del escape, por lo que reciben varias piedras que salen despedidas de la rueda delantera.

Think about the environment

Check the policies and laws of the area where you will be travelling through on your off-road route so you are aware of the restrictions to avoid doing any sort of offence. Furthermore, be aware of the different obstacles that you may find throughout the route so you can allow yourself to be respectful of the environment and so other people can enjoy the same route. 

Now you know the best tips and tricks for the best motorbike adventures on off-road routes. In Spain, there are several bike routes for the most daring of bikers. One of the most popular is this one: Espot- Llessui, you will find it within the Pyrenees area, close to Lleida. It is perfect for those who want to feel the adrenaline but want to do so surrounded by a unique environment. Do you dare ride it?

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