Motorcycle camping: Tips to make the right choice

Are you passionate about motorcycle camping? If so don’t worry! You can choose to camp by motorcycle without any problem. But, to make everything much easier and make the right choice, we show you a series of tips. The truth is that going camping while traveling by motorcycle is completely different. Of course, contact with nature gives all of us an incredible freedom feeling. Read them all and do not miss any!

motorcycle camping

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Motorcycle Camping Tips

As we mentioned before, camping by car is not the same as traveling by motorcycle, but to enjoy the whole trip it is essential to take into account a few different aspects. To make it a success, here are some tips that will help you with your choice. Do not miss any!

Choose the best destination

Although going camping and traveling by motorcycle is a very fun adventure, it requires careful preparation and organization, as not just any route is worth it. For example, the destination must go according to the time of year in which we find ourselves, to avoid any discomfort. Well, if you travel in very cold weather you will need more space on your motorcycle and you may not have the necessary equipment.

It is also important to choose accommodation that provides excellent service for motorists, and at the Cerdanya Ecoresort, we have the seal MoTurisme and we are a recognized Tourenfahrer establishment which guarantees that your experience will be unforgettable. In addition, for your peace of mind, in our facilities we have a large-capacity indoor garage, as well as a cleaning area for motorcycles and tools to monitor the condition of the vehicle.

Choose the right tent

If you want to enjoy the experience of going motorcycle camping, you should choose the most suitable tent in terms of comfort and load capacity. Not having too much storage space, the ideal is to opt for a mountaineering tent, as they are designed to be transported in a trekking backpack. In this way, you will not have any problem transporting the tent on your motorcycle. Another aspect to take into account is its size, it should not be very large, but enough so that you can store all your equipment inside.

All your equipment should be well-organized

As the tent will not be large, it is important to organize all your equipment well inside it to achieve a maximum comfort. In this way, you can place your equipment next to you or along the bag, and not at the feet to make it as accessible as possible.When placing your luggage on the motorcycle, it is important that the weight is placed as close to the center of gravity as possible. The ideal place to store maps, books or guides is in the tank bag.

Prepare all the necessary material for camping

In addition to having the necessary elements to travel by motorcycle, you will also need camping equipment such as a multipurpose rope, bridles, insect repellent, a knife, toilet paper, a lighter, soap, a flashlight, and whatever you need for your day to day life. At the Cerdanya Ecoresort, moreover, you won’t have to worry about dinner either,  we dispose as well of a restaurant and supermarket so you can have breakfast and lunch at the same resting place.

Consider as well the weather conditions

Of course, before you set off, check the weather forecast for the days you plan to camp with your motorcycle. Thus, you will be sure that inclement weather will not harm you during motorcycle routes, or while resting in the tent.

Take a waterproof bag always with you

Dry or sealed bags, they are the best option to carry your equipment on your motorcycle because its main advantage is that it is very resistant and waterproof. In addition, another point in favor is that they fit perfectly to your motorcycle, since they are fastened by means of straps. In addition, you also have another possibility to take with you everything you need to go camping are motorcycle saddlebags that are made of materials such as leather or synthetic fabric.

What do you think of these tips to unite motorcycle camping? Follow them to the letter and you will live an unforgettable experience! Remember that in the Cerdanya Ecoresort we have camping plots, and a wide variety of types of accommodation, including hotel rooms, apartments, bungalows, and so on. But, not only that, but a large part of our staff is passionate about motorcycles and can provide you with all kinds of information to make the most of your trip.

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