Motorcycle routes from Barcelona, five unforgettable journeys

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Five motorcycle routes from Barcelona to enjoy with your motorcycle. Two mountain and two coastal proposals, which one are you going to start with?

It is not necessary to think about a route of several days to live an unforgettable adventure on the back of your motorcycle. If you have the opportunity, from Barcelona you can organize several amazing two-wheel rides. We propose here five motorcycle routes from Barcelona that you can do in a single day. Of course, we recommend two of them that you better do them a full weekend, although they can be completed in a single day. Hold on to your hats, some turns are on the way!

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Five motorcycle routes from Barcelona that you definitely should not miss

The city of Barcelona has infinite attractions to enjoy the urban environment. However, if you are visiting or living in it, surely you are interested in different plans to escape the traffic and crowded places. If, in addition, you like to try different gastronomic specialties and you have a motorcycle, we propose five great plans: Five motorcycle routes from Barcelona.

1. Barcelona-Montseny

If you like routes that run along secondary roads that cut through forests and mountain landscapes, you will love this proposal. It is about going from the city to Sant Celedoni.

To do this, the first thing to do is take the road that starts from Santa María de Palautordera and ascend to the Coll Fornic-Puerto —at 1145 meters—. From there, there is a 37-kilometer downhill section to Seva and then to Sant Celedoni. It is advisable to take a long break in the town of Montseny before returning to Barcelona.

2. Barcelona-Montserrat

There are less than 70 kilometers from the city of Barcelona to the Monastery of Montserrat. If you live in Barcelona or are staying in this wonderful city, you can consider this one-day route to the famous monastery. To enjoy a route and impressive views, we recommend you go up to the Monastery up from the north face. On the map it means taking a little detour, but it will be worth it.

To go up to Montserrat by the route that we propose, you must first get to Manresa. The route of the road has many turns and incredible views. You will pass the main top of Can Manresa. Now there is a Masía-Farmhouse but before, an old inn was a meeting point for pilgrims and merchants. Today it is also the place where dozens of ufologists meet on the 11th of each month who believe that the magnetism of these lands is perfect for attracting UFOs. As you can see, it is one of the most curious motorcycle routes from Barcelona.

3. Barcelona-Garraf Park

This route is recommended if you don’t want to get too far from the city but want to enjoy nature. Garraf Park is just 30 kilometers from the city and has 12,000 hectares of nature. To ride a motorcycle to him from Barcelona is to do it along the C-32, a route that borders the coast and will give you impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea.

4. Barcelona-Delta del Ebro

This is another of the motorcycle routes from Barcelona that is worth it if you like the roads lining the coast. From the Catalan capital we suggest you go to the Ebro delta passing through Tarragona and Cambrils. The idea is to do the more than 170 kilometers of each journey on different days. In addition, once in the delta, you will want to discover its treasures and try its gastronomic specialties, so you will have to stay for a couple of days at a minimum.

5. Barcelona-Cerdanya

We cannot fail to mention this destination in itself about motorcycle routes from Barcelona. If you have a little more time than just one day, we suggest you get to Cerdanya on the first day of the route and then spend the second day exploring the fantastic Cerdanya valley.

To get to La Cerdanya we propose two alternatives:

By secondary route C-16 it takes about two hours to get to La Cerdanya from Barcelona:

  • Leaving the city of Barcelona, ​​you pass through the Sierra de Collserola Natural Park.
  • It borders Terrassa and continues towards Montserrat.
  • Continue to Riu de Cerdanya, where you can take the C-162 to find the Pyrenean-Axis or the N-260 that will take you to Puigcerdá.

Another option, to get directly to Prullans is to take the C-14, which passes through Bassella where you can visit the Motorcycle Museum. For it :

  • Leave Barcelona towards Igualada on the A2.
  • Take BV-1031 to go through Torá, Vilanova de l’Aguna.
  • Continue on the C-14 and continue until you reach Bassella, Oliana and its reservoir and Organyà.
  • Before reaching Andrall, take the Pyrenean-Axis or N-260 until La Seu d’Urgell. Following the course of the river Segre you will reach Prullans.

What do you think of these proposals for motorcycle routes from Barcelona? If you know of any other interesting motorcycle routes, leave us please a comment. If you like motorcycle journeys, we encourage you to discover the options of touring La Cerdanya on the back of your two wheels. Remember, as well, to plan your motorcycle getaway carefully so that you are not surprised by any setback.

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