Four best motorcycle routes with sidecar in the north of Spain

If you want to hit the road with your traveling Pajero and you are looking for the best sidecar motorcycle routes, you should know that the north of Spain is one of the most popular places to do it. Good weather, an amazing monumental and artistic heritage, exquisite cuisine and unique landscapes full of nature.

And it is that, touring the north of the peninsula on a motorcycle is to enjoy unparalleled landscapes, an authentic movie set that will accompany you, whatever the route you take. We tell you some of the most spectacular.

motorcycle with sidecar

Motorcycle route through Cerdanya

Nestled in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees, La Cerdanya is a true paradise for bikers thanks to the views of its winding roads. And of course, landscapes of incomparable beauty.

It is a short route, at most 5 hours, full of curves but with unique landscapes. The N-152 is one of the most legendary roads in Catalonia. It begins in Ribes de Freser and with a fast and short descent towards Cerdanya.

Pyrenees from end to end

The classic route of touring the Pyrenees from end to end never fails, especially in the hottest months, since the weather will accompany you throughout the route. And it is that the trans-Pyrenean sidecar motorcycle route is one of the star routes for bikers.

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Heart-stopping views, winding roads and some 800 kilometers that link the Mediterranean Sea with the Cantabrian Sea, where the landscapes never cease to amaze. You can do it as you like and plan the stages according to your tastes, from spending four days or even a week making several stops at the most amazing points.

Travel by motorcycle with sidecar through the Picos de Europa and Cangas de Onís

This route is 200 kilometers long and is one of the favorite routes through the north for many motorcyclists, since it runs through some of the most fascinating places in the Principality of Asturias.

Mandatory stop in the town of Potes, with delicious cuisine and majestic architecture, enjoy the panoramic views from the Mirador del Puerto de San Glorio with views of the landscape of Asturias and the charming town of Riaño. The final route is Cangas de Onís, one of the most essential places in the area. And to recharge forces after the route? A good Asturian bean stew!

From San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela

How about a route along the Cantabrian coast? Book a weekend and start traveling its 750 kilometers with your motorcycle with a sidecar. Panoramic views of the sea and the mountains, delicious dishes to recharge your batteries and roads that invite you to explore them again and again.

Take the N-634 road and let yourself be surprised, on many occasions it runs right next to the sea, but on others it goes a little inland offering unique landscapes. It passes through the autonomous communities of the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and part of Galicia.

The most special area, and the favorite of bikers, considered one of the most beautiful spots of Spain, is Zumaya, 15 kilometers along the Guipuzcoan coast.

You already know the best motorcycle routes with sidecars in the north of Spain, where roads with spectacular landscapes, exquisite cuisine and amazing heritage. Now the really difficult part is: where to start?

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