An extraordinary experience through Northern Spain

A road trip to the north of Spain is a great option for all those looking to enjoy a few days off discovering new towns and cities, practicing sports, and enjoying the delicious dishes of its gastronomy. In this article, we are going to show you one of the best-known routes and we will see what tips you should keep in mind when planning your trip.


Must-Do Northern Spain Routes

Despite there being lots of cities and towns to visit on any road trip to the north of Spain, the ones that we include in our travel proposal for you are the following:

San Sebastián

San Sebastián is the place from which you could start your road trip: a coastal city with many charms. Its beach, La Concha, stands out for its shape, as well as being an excellent place both to relax and to practice all kinds of water sports. In addition, you cannot stop trying its famous Pintxos: one of the star dishes of its rich gastronomy.

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After San Sebastián, you can continue your road trip to the north of Spain with a stop in Bilbao, whose main tourist attraction is the famous Guggenheim Museum. This museum stands out for being one of the most important modern architectural works and in it you will enjoy various exhibitions to enrich your knowledge in various fields of knowledge. In addition, the old part of the city and the delicious Basque cuisine will make your visit one of the most difficult to forget.


The next almost mandatory stopping point is Santander, where you will be able to enjoy wonderful beaches such as Playa del Sardinero. Likewise, you should not miss visiting the Palacio de la Magdalena, located in a spectacular environment and whose architecture and history will leave you most amazed.

Picos de Europa

It is not necessary to explain much about the Picos de Europa, which you can also visit during this road trip to the north of Spain that we are proposing. From Santander you can visit this impressive mountain range, where you will be able to practice some hiking and visit charming towns such as Potes.


After, you can continue your trip to Oviedo, the capital of Asturias. This city stands out for its old medieval quarter, full of shops and restaurants where you can taste the famous Asturian cider and traditional dishes such as Asturian fabada.

Santiago de Compostela

Finally, you can end your trip in Santiago de Compostela, one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in the world. Enjoy the majestic view that the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela offers you and enjoy the unique atmosphere that is breathed in the streets of this renowned city.

These are just some of the cities that you can visit on your road trip to northern Spain, but there are many more that also deserve special attention. We encourage you to plan your trip well, so that you can get the most out of this very special area of ​​the country.


N260 The most complete and impressive Route for visiting northern Spain

The N260 route is the most complete, long and spectacular that we can follow if we want to visit the entire north of Spain without leaving anything behind.

This route starts in Portbou and connects with the Mediterranean motorway. Some of the obligatory stops on this section, before crossing into the province of Lérida, are Olot, Ripoll and Vallfogona. Once in the province of Lleida, we can enjoy Bellver de Cerdanya and Puebla de Segur. Also, if we want to make a short stop and leave the country, from this section we can reach Andorra.

After enjoying Lleida, we can move on to any of the points we have mentioned: Bilbao, Sab Sebastián and Ovideo to end up in the famous Santiago de Compostela.

Plan your Road trip through northern Spain

Planning your road trip to the north of Spain is something that you must do very carefully if you want to enjoy your vacation days to the fullest. To do this, we want to give you a few tips that, we are sure, will be of great help:

  • Plan your trip: essential. It is crucial that you find out about everything that each city offers to tourists. In this way, you will be able to select the stops that you must make and calculate the time that you can dedicate to each of them.
  • Kilometers and rest hours: to correctly plan your road trip to the north of Spain, it is important that you consider the total kilometers of the route that you are going to follow and the stops that you must make for your rest. Also add this information to the travel plan that you draw up, so that you are never late for any visit or place where you are going to stay.
  • Schedules: It is necessary that you consider all the schedules as well that you must follow to take advantage of every minute of this adventure. Regard the hours of entry and exit of the hotels or accommodation that you are going to hire, as well as that of the museums or other guided tours that you want to do.
  • Book in advance: Not all the sites you are going to visit require the purchase of tickets. However, given the influx and historical and cultural notoriety of some of them, it will be necessary to book your visit. Search the Internet for all the information, prices, duration of the visit and add them to your travel plan. Likewise, print or download your tickets to always have them available.

A road trip to the north of Spain is one of the best options available to you if you want to enjoy these well-deserved days of vacation. To get the most out of it, planning is essential: you can select which cities, monuments, and beaches you want to visit and do it without rushing. Remember, on vacation, it’s all about enjoying every moment.

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