Skiing in Puigcerdà: where can you ski in Cerdanya?

Do you love the snow and would like to know the best places to ski in Cerdanya? Let us tell you more about Puigcerdà ski, one of the most popular and known places of the area.


Cerdanya, nestled within a unique landscape, is the starting point if you want to ski. Puigcerdà and its surroundings is the epicentre of winter sports due to the amount of ski stations it has. On the Spanish side it has 5 and on the French side it has up to 8. Let’s check them out.

La Molina ski station

La Molina is one of the main and most important ski stations from within Cerdanya and Spain as a whole. It is nestled within the Alp province, at the centre of the Catalan Pyrenees.  The station allows for both families and athletes to enjoy their stay as it has something for everyone. 

If you also add the fact that its facilities are in constant upgrade, La Molina is a meeting point for all kind of skiers, snowboarders and winter sports lovers. It has ski slopes of all levels and an ample variety of activities to do. 

La Masella

La Masella is usually the first ski station to start the season and the last one to close it. That is because its excellent geographical location allows it to preserve snow in great condition. 74 kilometres of ski slopes with amazing landscapes of fresh snow at the top of the trees.

It stands out as it is the station with the highest gradient (935 metres) from the western Pyrenees and for its amazing forests, which allow you to ski in between black pine trees and fir trees. 

Portè Puymorens ski station

The Portè Puymorens ski station has a gradient of 900 metres, one of the most important within the Pyrenees and right below La Masella. Located in between Andorra and France, it offers 50 kilometres of ski slopes for both mountain skiing and Nordic skiing. 

The quality of the snow is exceptional due to the orientation of the station and its highest peak at 2.500 metres. It has thematic areas, specially dedicated to the snowboarding world. Within the FontFrede area, you’ll be able to check out the amazing viewpoint that sits at the top of 200 metres. You cannot miss it!


The Font-Romeu ski station is nestled within French territory but a short distance away from Puigcerdà. It is one of the main stations that are located in the south of France which offers very nice landscapes.

It has 41 ski slopes, 22 marked circuits, a great number of snow cannons, cable cars and 2 sleigh slopes. It is the perfect choice for those who are winter sports lovers, whether it be beginners or professionals used to freestyle.

The facilities have been designed for families as well as there are several areas so kids can learn to ski and even a kindergarten service.

Now you know why Puigcerdà, its surroundings and skiing are related. The area is truly a gift as it stands out for the amount of slopes that it offers to those who are winter sports lovers. It is even better because of its landscapes. 

From our Ecoresort, located in between Seu d’Urgell and Puigcerdà, you’ll be very close to several different ski stations, especially La Molina and La Masella. It is the perfect option to rest and charge your energy for the next day.

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