Pyrenees by motorcycle: what should not be forgotten

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Whether you plan a short route, one day, or a long one, with several days and overnight stays, it is sure to be an unforgettable experience. And to make sure it will turn out great, you need to plan very well all the aspects. The Pyrenees by motorcycle are fascinating.

In its mountain passes you will find exciting routes, breathtaking views and many examples of high mountain flora and fauna. In this article we will tell you everything you need to take into account so that your routes through the Pyrenees by motorcycle are truly amazing.

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Reasons to get to know the Pyrenees by motorcycle

If you still have some doubts to take your motorcycle and come to know the Pyrenees, here is a list of reasons that at no time you should not forget. Take notice and come to visit the Pyrenees by motorcycle!

  • The Pyrenees have a great hotel infrastructure with accommodations and services for motorists that you cannot miss.
  • This place offers a great variety of landscapes that you are sure to love.
  • Open mountain gates almost all year round (the Alps only in summer)
  • You will be able to enjoy good weather, on the sunny side of the Pyrenees.
  • The asphalt is in very good condition, thanks to the priority given by the government.

The people of the Pyrenees are certainly moto-minded, since many motorcycle champions come from Spain (like, for example, Marc Marquez, etc.)

Pyrenees by motorcycle: get ready!

Surely you have heard it thousands of times, the most important thing when preparing a route through the Pyrenees on a motorcycle is planning. Whether you are new to motorcycle routes or if you have a few on your back, every time you prepare to go out on the road on your motorcycle you will hear this mantra in your head. Planning is everything!

And it is that planning a motorcycle route is important if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. If you consider going on the go, problems are likely to arise. Of course, do not think that we will leave the improvisation at home. You can experiment when trying a restaurant for lunch or take a detour to explore and get back on the planned route.

Planning the route through the Pyrenees by motorcycle implies having several things in mind:

  • If you like to eat well, the gastronomy of Catalonia has a very good reputation. Do not stop looking for information about the options to enjoy an exquisite dish. When you pass through La Cerdanya, be sure to try The Aranese Pot, The Cerdanya Trinxat, The mushrooms, The cheeses and The Sausages.
  • Take into account which gas stations are on the route. It is essential to refuel and to solve any problem that may occur, such as a puncture, a breakdown or a health emergency.
  • Take the mobile charger and try to go out with it fully charged. It is worth installing an application that locates service stations and helps you plan refueling based on the kilometers you are going to do.
  • Consider always the stops to rest. It is important to take a break, stretch and hydrate. The idea is to enjoy the road, not to arrive at the destination as soon as possible. The N-260, which passes through La Cerdanya, is known as the route of the viewpoints and allows you to travel the entire Pyrenees. You are sure to find ideal places to rest while enjoying the views. Another fantastic option to travel on two wheels is the Trans-Pyrenean Route.
  • If you travel in summer try not to go out too late. Avoid the sweltering heat of the middle hours of the day. If the route includes spending the night, it is advisable to ride in the morning and rest in the afternoon while you enjoy the stop. For example, on a route through the Pyrenees on motorcycle, you can sleep in a mountain hotel with a spa and other facilities to fully enjoy a relaxing afternoon-evening.
  • If, on the other hand, you travel in winter, you should shoot with the sun at the highest point.
  • Remember to book your hotel or apartment so that the night does not stop you while you discover the Pyrenees by motorcycle. In the Cerdanya Ecoresort you can stay in Prullans, a charming town to relax and enjoy all of its surroundings.

A couple of clues to enjoy the Pyrenees by motorcycle

From May to July and from September to October is the best time to visit the Pyrenees by motorcycle. Summer guarantees you to cover the high altitude sections without the inconvenience of snow. Of course, before heading to the mountain, you should always check the weather forecast. It is advisable to avoid electrical storms and hailstorms or heavy rains typical of the Pyrenees.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience. Touring the Pyrenees on a motorcycle is an adventure that leaves its mark. Discover the connection with nature. Being surrounded by forests, rivers, mountains, flora and fauna will make you feel in harmony. Allow yourself to enjoy it by making stops to get to know certain places better. For example:

  • The Irati-Rainforest
  • Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park
  • The Gavarnie waterfall (French Pyrenees)
  • The Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park

Routes you could follow as well

  • Las Tres Naciones. This route runs through three countries and the highest mountain pass in the Pyrenees, 2,408 meters. It has 230 km of route.
  • Inside The Pyrenees. Discover the interior from the Pyrenees heading south, traveling through villages and quiet roads.
  • High Pyrenees. Through this route you can go through the best high mountain passes and it has 360 km of route.
  • Pre-Pyrenees Landscapes. You will be able to know a great variety of landscapes during its 260 km of route.

Once you have everything prepared you are going to live a great adventure. You can organize a route through the trans-Pyrenees or organize your routes through the Pyrenees by motorcycle. It is a good idea to organize them by region. For example, you can visit Cerdanya on a weekend and sleep in Cerdanya Ecoresort. With us you will find everything you need to rest and leave your motorcycle safely.

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