Spa in the Pyrenees: find out all of its health benefits

Do you need to rest and shut off your daily routine? More often than not, your job and obligations end up generating both stress and anxiety. That is why, every once in a while, you need to take care of both your physical health and your mental health. Do you not know what to do for yourself and your health? Our suggestion is to visit a spa in the Pyrenees.  

Below, you will find all the benefits visiting a spa surrounded by the Pyrenees has.

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Benefits of visiting a spa in the middle of the Pyrenees

Are you feeling tired, anxious or even exhausted? If that is the case, one of the best ways to relax and take care of yourself is visiting a spa centre. It is going to be all the better if it is amidst nature. Take this into consideration and enjoy taking care of both body and mind.  

  • Relaxation: Being anxiety or stress bound is something that now a lot more people are suffering from. The spa centres allow you to switch off from your routine and from work, which will help you relax completely
  • Fixing skin conditions: The water at the spa usually helps with skin conditions like psoriasis, ictiosis, dermatitis among others.  
  • Improvement of respiratory conditions: Thanks to the properties that the water has, a lot of people find that their conditions improve and find that their lungs and breathing system are much better. 
  • Soothing of joint and bone pain: bone problems have been proven to complicate the life of those who suffer from them. The spa centres are great in terms of improving these conditions.
  • Blood pressure regulation: it improves digestive issues and strengthens the immunologic system as it generates endorphins that are produced by the sulphur and magnesium of the thermal waters (aguas termales). 
  • It alleviates menstrual pain as well as the discomfort that menopause causes among others.

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Benefits of enjoying a spa centre amidst the Pyrenees 

After relaxing in a spa centre in the middle of the Pyrenees, you have to take advantage of the opportunity so you can be in contact with nature and reap all of its incredible benefits. Do you want to go back home feeling like a new person? Let us show you the advantages of enjoying your surroundings, you’ll find it has therapeutic effects. . Enjoy the moment!

  • It improves concentration and memory.
  • It reduces stress, improves insomnia and hypertension due to, in great measure, to the reduction of cortisol, the stress hormone.
  • It helps fight depression and anxiety. It has been proven that people with depression were able to improve their self-esteem thanks to being in contact with nature. 
  • It takes care of your vision, as long-sightedness gets worse with artificial lighting. 
  • It lengthens life expectancy.
  • It helps synthesise vitamin D, which is essential for the bones.
  • It improves the immunologic system.
  • Reduces the risk of having asthma, allergies, diabetes, cardiovascular issues among many others.

As you can see, the decision to visit a spa centre amidst the Pyrenees is a great plan to help both your body and your mind relax and avoid getting sick. Remember that at Cerdanya Ecoresort you can enjoy the SPA and its amazing views over the valley of the Cerdanya and the Cadí-Moixeró range. Moreover, you will be able to participate other activities like yoga or pilates and baths in nature which bring a lot of benefits for both your physical and mental health.

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