The ultimate road map to exploring the Pyrenees on motorbike

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Welcome to the Pyrenees, where every twist and turn of the road unveils breathtaking vistas and thrilling experiences for motorcycle enthusiasts. As you plan your journey through this stunning mountain range, let us be your guide to unlocking the wonders of the Pyrenees with our comprehensive road map.

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Discovering the Transpyrenean route N-260

At the heart of Pyrenean motorcycling lies the iconic Transpyrenean route, a meandering path that stretches across the spine of these majestic mountains. For motorcyclists seeking the ultimate adventure, the Transpyrenean route is a must-ride experience. Beginning or ending your journey at Cerdanya Ecoresort, strategically located at the start of this route, offers the perfect launchpad for your Pyrenean exploration where you will drive from the Mediterranean coast till the Atlantic coast along the of the Pyrenees.

Road map pyrenees

Road map Pyrenees

At Cerdanya Ecoresort, we provide more than just a starting point – we offer at the one hand a comprehensive road map of the Catalan Pyrenees to guide you through the best routes in the region with information about the several cultural and natural highlights you pass along.

Additionally, on the other hand, we furnish a map detailing all nearby mountain passes, ensuring you fully immerse yourself in the Pyrenees experience. This invaluable tool empowers you to customize your own routes, tailored precisely to your preferences and interests.

Road map pyrenees

Prepare for your adventure

Explore the diversity of the Pyrenees with routes such as:

  • Route 1: The Three Nations
  • Route 2: The Inland
  • Route 3: High Pyrenees
  • Route 4: Costa Brava and Volcanoes
  • Route 5: Wild Scenery Pre-Pyrenees

Prepare your journey! Download our ebook to have access to our routes.

Road map pyrenees

Embark on your Pyrenean motorcycle adventure armed with our road map and let the thrill of the open road guide you to unforgettable experiences. At Cerdanya Ecoresort, we’re dedicated to enhancing your motorcycling journey through the Pyrenees. Join us as we explore the twists, turns, and treasures of this extraordinary region.

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