Touring Spain with motorcycle: the best routes to do it

Spain is one of the places with the greatest number of motorbike fans and with high international prestige thanks to its landscapes, natural diversity, paradisiacal beaches and breathtaking mountains; for the reason that driving on two wheels through its roads is quite an experience, since it brings together all the elements that a real biker needs when touring Spain on a motorcycle. Let’s go!


Trans Pyrenean Route

The Trans-Pyrenees Route is par excellence the top motorcycle route in Spain, it  is an 800-kilometre route that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Cantabrian Sea and runs from Cap de Creus to the Cantabrian Mountains.

Each biker organizes it according to their preferences and it takes at least two days to finish it, however it takes mostly 3-4 days to do it, even a week to cross the Pyrenees enjoying many stops. Discovering its landscapes and natural corners full of forests, rivers and mountains make the experience extraordinary.

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It is an essential route for a true biker, so it has numerous places where you can meet other fellow bikers sharing the same passion. Numerous biker restaurants in the area and hotels like Cerdanya Ecoresort with the entire complex dedicated to make routes through the whole entourage, from maps with routes, air compressor, motorcycle tools, covered garage and all of that with the MoTurismo, Bikerbetten and Tourenfahrer stamp.

Motorcycle Route through the Picos de Europa

An unforgettable journey through the amazing mountain roads of the Picos de Europa, full of gorges, panoramic movie viewpoints and authentic mountain villages. Then of course get ready because  curves are coming. The route is circular and begins in Cangas de Onís towards the Pontón pass and then continues to Panderrueda where you will drive with views of the river, between trees or with mountains in front that are part of the Picos de Europa.

The descent towards Posada de Valdeón has quite a few curves and best of all, the highest mountains of the Picos de Europa are on the horizon throughout the entire route. An essential stop in Potes, a charming town, to then head towards the Hermida gorge.

Motorcycle Route through Cabo de Gata

It borders the coast and runs through the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, an ideal route to enjoy the contrasts of the area, being able to enjoy its impressive beaches and its amazing deserts.

You can organize it however you want, depending on the time you have and your preferences, but the most essential stops are Níjar, Playa de los Muertos, the charming towns of San José and Las Negras. The final touch is the Gata lighthouse with fascinating views, although the route can be extended to Almería or even Granada.

Now you know some of the best routes to be touring Spain on a motorcycle. Choose your favorite and get yours to enjoy the diversity of Spain. So, with which one are you going to start with?

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