Guide to visit the Vall de Núria: a unique place within the Pyrenees

Imbedded within the Pyrenees, very close to the border with France, the Núria valley is an amazing place that is located inside the Natural Park where the headwaters of Ter and Freser are. It is located at 1964 meters above sea level and surrounded by mountains of at least 3000 meters high. The only way to get there is by using the rack railway. 

It has a privileged position which allows it to be filled with rivers and an amazing landscape which attracts a lot of nature lovers. It is one of the most known places in Catalonia, with a familiar environment where you can do any sort of activities: from walking trails to skiing slopes. 

Find out all the important aspects you need to know from the Vall de Núria so you can enjoy this gem within the Catalan Pyrenees without missing any of its attractions. 

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How to get to the Vall de Núria

Located within a unique environment, one of the most asked questions when visiting the valley is knowing how to get to it. The only two ways in are either by walking or by the rack railway. Maybe that is the secret that has allowed this natural gem to remain intact and keep what gives it authenticity. 

The rack railway is the most known option to get there. It is called this way given that the system it uses to move is similar to that of a zipper. The rack railway leaves from Queralbs and Ribes de Freser and the landscape you encounter during the trip is amazing. 

Another option that is very typical within nature lovers is to reach the valley by completing a walking trail that starts in Girona: the Camí Vell de Núria. It takes you through a 9,5 km trail until you reach the Núria sanctuary, its starting point is Queralbs. 


What to do in the Vall de Núria

Núria ‘s surroundings offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy endless plans or activities. If you visit it in winter time, snow activities will be ensured. From skiing and snow rackets to sleighing. If you visit it in summer time you will be able to find all its nooks and crannies by taking its walking trails.  

One of the most important that you cannot miss is the Núria sanctuary, build in 1911, it is a famous place for pilgrims. Its idyllic surroundings invite meditation and prayer. In its interior there is an image of Virgin Núria in a roman style wood carving from the XII-XIII centuries.  

Another one of the activities that you can enjoy is to rent a boat and row until you are at the other side of the Núria lake. You can also do bird sighting at one of the bird sighting places that are distributed throughout the valley.   

Walking trails to do in the Núria Valley.

The Núria Valley is filled with walking trails. A paradise for those who love both hiking and nature. There are suitable routes for everyone with different levels and duration.

  • Camí de les Creus. It starts at Pic de l’Àliga, an easy route with a bit of slope, suitable for everyone. The views are spectacular, on the one side you have the Nuria sanctuary and its lake, at the back you have the mountains and on the other side you have the valley with a glacier. 
  • Camí de les Coves. A route throughout the caves where, following the legends, San Gil and Amadeo hid during their trek through Núria. It is a demanding trail, much more calm, given that it is much less busy and it offers amazing panoramic views of the whole valley. 
  • Ascensión al Puigmal. Es el pico más icónico de esta zona de los Pirineos y su ascensión es una de las rutas más populares. El recorrido tan solo tiene 10 km, pero cuenta con un desnivel importante, por lo que se requiere cierta condición física.

El Vall de Núria no decepciona, una joya de la naturaleza que merece la pena descubrir y que, gracias a su ubicación privilegiada, alberga un entorno repleto de encanto. Planes de nieve durante el invierno e infinidad de actividades para hacer durante el buen tiempo. 

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