Which is the highest mountain in the Pyrenees?

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Most hikers are passionate about the altitude. If you are a lover of nature and of overcoming increasingly complicated challenges, in the Pyrenees you can find a fantastic attraction that will end up becoming an addiction. So what is the highest mountain in the Pyrenees? This question is not easy to answer because even the experts in that field have not agreed. And, it is not surprising, since it covers about 430 km in length.

But the truth is that over the years, an agreement has been reached to register 212 three thousand in the Pyrenees, 129 of them are main peaks. Among the highest peaks in the Pyrenees, are the Aneto, with 3,404 meters; The Posets, with 3,375 meters; The Monte Perdido with 3,355 meters; The Punta d’Astorg, with 3,354 meters; and The Pico Maldito, with 3,350 meters, all of them located in the province of Huesca.

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The highest mountain on the Pyrenees: The Aneto

The Aneto it was renamed Tuca d’Aneto and was first crowned 179 years ago. In 1842, a group led by the military man Plato de Tchihatcheff and the botanist Albert de Franqueville, uttered the words ‘The Pass of Muhammad’ – El Paso de Mahoma. Since then, it has become one of the most popular massifs among mountaineers due to the complexity of its ascent.

Every year, hundreds of people dare to climb the Aneto peak, but not all of them reach the top, they only arrive at The Pass of Muhammad – ‘El paso de Mahoma’, conceived as the official summit. To avoid accidents, the ‘Aneto Seguro’ program was launched since many people are encouraged to climb the peak without having sufficient physical preparation.

Although, we would like to say that it is a simple ascent that anyone can do, the truth is that it requires great preparation, and even to bring a guide. In this way, you ensure that you will enjoy the entire journey and the imposing views from the highest mountain in the Aneto Pyrenees.

The second highest peak on the Pyrenees: El Posets

The second highest peak on the Pyrenees is El Posets, and it is located in the north of the province of Huesca. It is also known as ‘El Virrey del Pirineo’ and despite being second in the ranking, it is less known than its successors, Monte Perdido or The Vignemale. As for physical preparation, it is somewhat more affordable than The Aneto, but not for this reason, it can be climbed without having prior knowledge.

highest mountain in the Pyrenees

Its top offers incredible views of the three valleys that surround it : Estós, Eriste and Chistau. Some of the routes that can be taken to reach The Posets are: The Cresta de Las Espadas and the Jean-Arlaud Corridor, reserved for more experienced mountaineers.

Now that you know the highest mountain on the Pyrenees, do you dare to visit it too? If so, remember that you need physical preparation and have some knowledge about hiking. If you have any questions, contact a guide who will help you at all times, and don’t forget the essentials that you should bring in your backpack: water and some food to restock on energy.

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