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Motorbike tours and relaxation in the middle of nature?

Come to enjoy and relax at the Cerdanya Ecoresort, located in Prullans, a beautiful village popularly known as «the viewpoint of Cerdanya» for its breathtaking views over the valley and the Sierra del Cadi.

Well, don’t think twice and combine a stay at the Cerdanya Ecoresort with a wonderful motorbike route through the Pyrenees!

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Reasons to visit the Pyrenees by motorbike

Here are the main reasons to visit the Pyrenees on a motorbike. You’re sure to enjoy some incredible routes on scenic roads like you’ve never seen before. Take note!

  • Tourist destination: you can enjoy a wide variety of landscapes, villages, museums, places of interest and even natural parks.
  • Approach: the Pyrenees are a very easy destination to reach and there are many options available.
  • Careful infrastructure: little traffic, good service coverage, security… among many other features.
  • Climate: little rain, great weather and snow-free roads.
  • Biker culture: people are moto-minded, as they are used to this kind of sport.

Everything you can imagine, you’ll find it in the Pyrenees! And to round off your stay, you can stay at the Cerdanya Ecoresort, where we have an infinite number of activities and novelties prepared for you.

  • Gastronomy (organic, healthy and local): We cook what the nature of our environment provides us with according to the season.
  • Sports and mountain: We have guided activities to complete your motorbike route. Are you going to miss it?
  • Health and wellness: Are you one of those who prefer to rest and pamper yourself after a long motorbike ride? We have swimming pools to take a bath with views of the mountains, SPA circuit to relax and massages and rituals to take care of your skin.

All these services and much more for you to live a complete and unforgettable experience, we are waiting for you!

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* Excluding long weekends, August, Easter and from 26/12 to 01/01.

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