Three-wheel motorcycle: what is it and what are its advantages?

At present, three-wheel motorcycles have become a fashionable vehicle and, more and more, motorcycling brands are betting on them, and it is not for less. But, the truth is that this type of scooter generates different opinions and it is that it presents very notable differences with the classic two-wheelers. If you are still not clear about what this type of motorcycle consists of and what its advantages are, we will explain it to you in detail below. Take note and decide if it is the best option for you!

three wheel motorcycle

What are the three-wheel motorcycles?

Quite simply, a three-wheel motorcycle is a motorcycle that has a second front wheel. In this way, instead of a single wheel, there are two that tilt at the same time and this provides greater balance for the driver. Therefore, these motorcycles are ideal for those who start to drive a motorcycle or scooter because it does not require as much skill. Thanks to its two front wheels, these vehicles can be maintained without placing any tie downs.

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Advantages and disadvantages of three-wheel motorcycles

As with other vehicles, three-wheel motorcycles have advantages, but also a number of drawbacks.

  • More stability by having greater front support and this provides a much greater comfort for both the driver and the passenger.
  • More security it has a more robust structure and greater support thanks to its advanced front axle suspension.
  • Easier to drive. These scooters can be driven with a driver’s license if the cylinder capacity is up to 125CC or, if its engine is larger, it must be approved as a tricycle. In addition, it is also easier to park.
  • The braking is better having the support of the three wheels.
  • You do not need to park in a regulated parking lot.
  • It has a stabilizer when stopping and this means that the driver does not need to “put his foot down”.
  • Currently the market offer is greater.

But, on the other hand, these three-wheeled motorcycles also have a number of drawbacks, among which are:

  • The higher price compared to conventional motorcycles.
  • They are heavier and that’s why they could be less agile as power and speed are less.
  • They have a higher consumption than two-wheeled scooters.
  • The law considers them as tricycles and their category corresponds to L5e.

The best three-wheelers

If you are thinking of buying a three-wheel motorcycle, but you do not know which one to decide on, here is a list of the best on the market. First of all, remember to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of these motorcycles.

  2. Peugeot Metropolis 400
  3. Piaggio MP3 300 HPE
  4. Piaggio MP3 500 HPE
  5. Qooder QV3
  6. Yamaha Tricity 125
  7. Yamaha Niken

As we mentioned before, like other vehicles, a three-wheel motorcycle has advantages and disadvantages. But, something very important is to always have the greatest caution on the road despite the fact that it has greater stability.

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